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Financial Education and Planning

Take advantage of the many tools, calculators and information provided by the university and the benefits vendors to assist with your financial planning at all stages of life and career.

Planning Tools and Calculators

Enter your personal information into these planning tools and calculators to receive guidance for meeting your financial goals. Actions include getting started, accumulating wealth, preparing to retire, saving for college, life's financial events and managing your money.

Financial Education Workshops

Financial Education for Women

Financial insights specifically tailored for women


Financial Planning Webcasts:

Additional Resources:

Financial Education Web Seminars

Information Library

Read about vital information on many financial topics, from the vendors' information library, to assist you with planning for your future.

Quick Access

Connect for quick access through wireless service via an Internet-ready phone or personal digital assistant (PDA).

Credit Counseling

Know your credit rating and get credit assistance with the credit counseling service.

Use Other Cornell Resources for Financial Education