Job Sharing

What is a job share arrangement?

A job share arrangement is a form of regular part-time work in which two people share the responsibilities of one regular, full-time position. These positions are regular part-time and as such must involve at least a 50% commitment. Therefore, the time commitment of each of the two individuals participating must be at least 20 hours per week.

What are the benefits of job sharing?

Job sharing can provide many benefits, including reduced absenteeism, improved recruitment and retention of valued staff who may not want full-time employment, improved scheduling and continuity, increased breadth of skills and experience, allowance for unusual schedule needs of staff, and experience in working as a successful team.

What are the challenges?

Challenges of job sharing include the increased need for communication between the job share individuals, their colleagues and supervisor, so that division of responsibilities is clear; and the additional cost to the department to have two people on benefits for one position.

What considerations are there for negotiating this type of work schedule?

Either a staff member or a supervisor may recognize the need for job sharing, and either may introduce the option. When the supervisor recognizes the need for job sharing or an employee approaches a supervisor with interest in a job sharing position, the supervisor should consider:

  • advantages of a job sharing situation
  • ability to restructure the position for clear division of responsibilities
  • availability of space and equipment
  • training and other indirect administrative overhead, and
  • schedule/continuity concerns.

If a job share arrangement is appropriate, discuss the arrangement in detail with the individuals who will be involved. Follow the standard university procedures for filling a vacancy and contact your local human resource representative for assistance.

If a staff member is interested in requesting that their full-time position be modified to that of a job share, they may submit a written proposal to the appropriate supervisor, which should include:

  • advantage to the unit
  • proposed work plan
  • proposed schedule
  • plan for communication/cooperation
  • plan for continuity

How can a job share position be smoothly implemented?

If the job share position is one that is being created at the request of the current full-time incumbent, it is recommended that the incumbent participate in the interview process for the vacant half of the position.

How should holidays and time off be managed?

A staff member working in a job sharing arrangement who is granted paid leave time, such as vacation or health and personal leave, will deduct the number of hours scheduled to work on the day the time off is taken. For example, 4 hours of vacation would be deducted if a staff member uses vacation on the day he or she was scheduled to work 4 hours.

All regular staff members will receive pro-rated pay equal to 1/5 of their standard workweeks for university holidays.