Time Off

Resources and policies regarding vacation, holidays, personal time off, and leaves of absence.

Cornell University provides eligible employees with generous time away from work options, including paid vacation and health and personal leaves. Time away from work must be approved and recorded in a manner that protects the interests of both the institution and its employees. Other policies may apply for academic and bargaining unit staff; contact your HR representative  for more details.

Time Away from Work Policy (Excluding Academic and Bargaining Unit Staff): This policy addresses funeral leave, jury duty/court appearance, voting time, emergency medical technician, volunteer firefighter, emergency responder, holidays, as well as the following:

  • Health and Personal Leave 
  • Vacation
  • Blood Donation Leave
  • Family Leaves for Staff 
  • Lactation Time Away from Work 
  • Medical Leaves for Staff 
  • Military Leave Amendment 
  • Leaves for Professors and Academic Staff

Related Resources

How to request time off

Exempt employees manage requests for time off by selecting vacation or personal and health leave in Workday.

Non-exempt employees manage time off in Kronos.

How to use Workday Time Tracking


Catastrophic leave donation

Cornell University is supportive of staff members who wish to assist colleagues who have experienced a catastrophic, health-related event. If an eligible staff member experiences such an event and has exhausted all time-off accruals (with the exception of up to five days of vacation, which he/she may elect to save), other staff members may donate from their accrued time off.  See policy for more details.