Pay and Time

Cornell employee data, pay, benefits, and other details are managed in Workday. To access information about your pay, log in to Workday and click on the pay icon. From here you can view recent payslips and manage direct deposit details, withholdings, and your W2. 

If you’d like to know more about Cornell’s job titles and pay ranges visit Career Navigator.

How to manage your pay

Click here for other useful instructions on using Workday.

Tax Withholding and W2

Information available at the Division of Financial Affairs, Payroll area.

Pay Calendar

At Cornell, exempt employees are paid semimonthly; non-exempt employees are paid biweekly. View pay calendars here.


Overtime, Travel & Expenses: Have questions about compensation for things like overtime, or travel and business expenses? Because policies can vary depending on the classifications above, it’s best to ask your supervisor or HR representative

Performance based pay: Learn more about Cornell’s pay advancement  opportunities.

Career Navigator

If you’d like to know more about Cornell’s compensation ranges and position classifications, use the Career Navigator tool.

  • If you’re a current Cornell employee, you’ll begin with a description of your present position.
    • Want to see how you might advance from your current job? See options for different career path progressions on the right side of the screen.
    • Select “All Families” to explore job titles across families and pay bands.
    • Want to see what jobs are available? Click here for internal job postings.
  • If you’re not currently employed by Cornell, enter as a guest; you’ll begin on the “Career Areas” page, which describes Cornell’s job families.
    • Click on a job family to see positions across pay bands within that family.
    • Click on a position to see the job description and compensation range.
    • You can also browse and compare all job titles by selecting “All Families.”
    • Want to see what jobs are available? Click here for external job postings.

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