Instructions to Print Your Aetna Temporary ID Card

  1. Go to

  2. Click “Log In/Register”.

  • Click “Member Log In” if you have an Aetna Navigator account, sign in using your user name and password
  • Click “Sign Up Now” If you don’t currently have a Navigator account
    • If you do not have a member card with an Aetna ID number yet, you could use the Social Security number function to register for an account on their secure site. If you are not comfortable with entering your Social Security number on the website, you could call Aetna at 1-877-371-2007 and get your ID number from a representative (you need to identify yourself with your Social Security number so that Aetna can verify your identity before providing information about your account to you)
    • Then enter the rest of the information (name/date of birth/etc.) and follow the instructions through the rest of the registration process on the website to get your account set up
  1. When you get to the main page, click on:

  • View Member ID cards
  • You can then “Print ID card” by selecting the print icon at the top of the screen