Endowed Health Plan ID Cards

► Health Insurance - Provided by Aetna

  1. Go to www.aetna.com.

  2. Click “Log In/Register”.

  • Already registered? Click “Member Log In” if you have an Aetna Navigator account, sign in using your user name and password
  • Not registered yet? Click “Sign Up Now” If you don’t currently have an online  account
    • If you do not have a member card with an Aetna ID number yet, you could use the Social Security number function to register for an account on their secure site. If you are not comfortable with entering your Social Security number on the website, you could call Aetna at 1-877-371-2007 and get your ID number from a representative (you need to identify yourself with your Social Security number so that Aetna can verify your identity before providing information about your account to you)
    • Then enter the rest of the information (name/date of birth/etc.) and follow the instructions through the rest of the registration process on the website to get your account set up
  1. When you get to the main page:

  • Hover over your name in the top right hand corner of screen
  • Choose "ID Cards" from the drop-down menu
  • "View cards for" to select cards for yourself or your dependents
  • You can print a card for yourself or all members of your family by clicking  the printer icon below the card shown.
  • Click "Request ID Card" to have Aetna mail a card to your address on file within 7-10 business days.


► Prescription Drug Coverage-Provided by Optum

You will receive an ID card in the mail following your enrollment. If you require a replacement, you can download a temporary ID or order a new one at OptumRx: https://www.optumrx.com/public/landing

  • Login or register if you're visiting the website for the first time
  • Once at the home page click: Benefits and Claims > ID Card
  • Print card or enter quantity desired (1-9) and OptumRx will mail physical ID cards directly to you.

If you purchase a prescription from a participating provider but do not have your OptumRx ID card to present to the pharmacist, you can still pay the applicable copay. Be sure to let the pharmacist know that OptumRx is the insurer and provide the following information:

  • Employee ID or SSN#
  • BIN:  610011
  • PCN:  IRX
  • RxGroup:  PURCORNEL


► Dental-Provided by MetLife

You will receive an ID card in the mail following your enrollment.  You can print an ID card by registering on MyBenefits under "My Accounts," as well as view claims and coverage details. Although you do not need to present an ID card to confirm that you are eligible, you should let your dentist know that you are enrolled in the MetLife Preferred Dentist Program (PDP). 

Your dentist can also verify your coverage through an automated computer voice response system by calling 1-877-MET-DDS9. The dentist will need to provide either your Cornell Employee ID number or Social Security Number to verify coverage.


► Vision-Provided by DavisVision

You will receive a welcome letter with ID cards following your enrollment along with information that includes participating providers based on your zip code. If you need a replacement card, you can print an ID card on the DavisVision website.


► Questions?

Contact the HR Services and Transitions Center (HRSTC) via telephone at (607) 255-3936 or via email at hrservices@cornell.edu.