CPHL Wellness Recreation Membership

Optional Fitness Benefit

Employees who have the Aetna Cornell Program For Healthy Living Health Plan (CPHL) have the option to receive $15 off per month limited to one of these three local fitness facilities:

  • Cornell Wellness (must join on line at wellness.cornell.edu; CPHL Wellness Recreation Membership is free),
  • Island Fitness($15 off/month)
  • Ithaca YMCA ($15 off/month)

Employees who choose to use their fitness benefit at Island Fitness or the Ithaca YMCA should check directly with those fitness facilities regarding membership.

How it works

The employee may sign up for the (CPHL) Wellness Recreation Membership at any time. Employees will need to submit a copy of their Aetna CPHL ID card as proof of enrollment in CPHL.

If the employee is covering their spouse/partner as a family member under CPHL AND the spouse/partner is a benefits eligible Cornell employee, the spouse/partner will also be eligible for the discount. The spouse/partner will be required to submit a copy of their Cornell ID card and their Aetna CPHL ID card which will list them as a dependent.

Spouses/partners who are not Cornell employees may purchase a Wellness Recreation Membership. However, they must purchase a spouse ID card. The regular fee of $175.00 per fiscal year applies.

The CPHL Wellness Recreation Membership application can be found online: https://recreation.athletics.cornell.edu/wellness/membership.

Existing Wellness Recreation Membership holders who switch their insurance to Aetna CPHL and wish to switch their membership to a free CPHL Wellness Recreation Membership must contact Cornell Wellness at (607) 255-5133 or email wellness@cornell.edu to notify Cornell Wellness of the switch, and must submit a copy of their Aetna CPHL ID card. Membership dues paid prior to switching will not be reimbursed.
Your CPHL Wellness Recreation Membership will automatically be renewed every year unless you retire or switch your insurance to something other than Aetna CPHL.