CPHL: How to Access the Sustainable Health Questionnaire

Starting in May 2017, there is a new login process for new users who are logging into the SHQ for the first time. Returning users can login using their existing login. If you don't remember your password, click on the "Forgot your password?" link and follow the instructions (you must use the email address associated with your existing account).

Please do not use your SHQ account for your spouse or a friend - you each need to have your own account.


Step 1: New users must call their provider to get an SHQ account

Call your primary care practice and inform them that you’re a CPHL participant who wishes to set up an Enhanced Wellness Exam.

Their office may already have loaded you into the system (from their CPHL roster). If not, they can quickly create your account.

They will ask you for your identifying information (name, birth date, email address, etc.).


Step 2: Set up the appointment and ask for an invitation

While you’re on the phone with them, schedule your visit and ask them to email you an invitation to login to our system.

When you receive your email invitation from Sustainable Health Systems, click on the login link to go directly to your account.

If you don’t get an email from us, look in your junk mail folder. You may need to add @sustainablehealthsystems.com as an exception to your junk mail or spam filter. This is important because we also use email help you reset a forgotten password.


If you don’t have email or need help using a computer:

Your doctor’s office can create your account, but you’ll need to do the SHQ at their office. You’ll need to arrive 20 or 30 minutes early, in order be done with the questionnaire in time for your visit. This method is also for people who need help using a computer to complete the questionnaire.


Step 3: Login and take your questionnaire!

After you click the login link, you must give yourself a password. It must include letters and numbers (symbols are optional) and have at least 8 characters.

Click on the Terms of Use and Privacy Statement links, and please read them. We take your privacy very seriously.
To use the SHQ, you must click on the checkbox to agree to these policies.

Click on the Continue button.

You’ll be taken to the beginning of your questionnaire.

Your account will automatically be assigned to your PCP’s practice, and your CPHL covered benefits will be available in your Personalized Prevention Plan. For returning users, our system keeps track of when you’re due for a wellness visit and your PCP’s office can email you an invitation when it’s time for your next Enhanced Wellness Visit. 

Note: As a new user, you may not have some of the blood test results we ask for. You can click on “I don’t know”, but your doctor’s office may ask you to get your blood drawn a few days prior to your Enhanced Wellness Exam. They will be able to enter the results for you before your visit.


If you need assistance completing your questionnaire, contact Jamie Balas at (607) 252-3590 during regular work hours, or email webmaster@sustainablehealthsystems.com.