Marriage or Domestic Partnership

Cornell’s benefits extend to spouses and domestic partners. When you get married or register for a domestic partner, you can make changes to your benefits. If you decide to make changes, you’ll need to update your benefits within a prescribed length of time. Read the Benefit Aids below for details, and contact HR Services & Transitions Center at 607-255-3936 with any questions.

Partners are eligible for the same benefits as spouses except for flexible spending accounts (the Internal Revenue Code's definition of a dependent governs the plan). Partners are also eligible for the funeral, parental and family health care leaves. There are important distinctions between marriage and domestic partnership with regard to taxes and other considerations. Refer to these FAQs for details about tax implications, rate breakdowns, documentation requirements, etc:

Endowed Employees:

Contract College Employees


Adding a spouse or domestic partner to your benefits?

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