Contract College Qualifying Events

NYSHIP (Health Insurance):

It is important that you contact Benefit Services within 30 days of a qualifying event that affects health plan coverage. If a request to enroll in the New York State Health Insurance Plan is not made within 56 days of hire date, benefits eligibility date or within 30 days of a qualifying event date, you will be subject to a 10-week waiting period. Note: the health premium will be deducted from your pay on an after-tax basis for the remainder of the year. The annual Option Transfer Period allows you to make certain changes to health insurance.


University benefits

(e.g., life insurance, flexible spending accounts, long term care): contact Benefit Services within 60 days of a qualifying event to determine if you can or should make changes to benefits enrollments.

  • Initial hire
  • Marriage or domestic partnership
  • Legal Separation
  • Divorce or dissolution of domestic partnership
  • Birth, adoption or legal custody of a child
  • Child graduates from high school or college (applies only to EmblemHealth dental, life and personal accident insurance)
  • Reduction in time below 20 hours or 50% time
  • Leave of absence without pay
  • Loss of coverage
  • Retirement or termination of employment
  • Transfer from contract college to endowed or vice versa
  • Death of a dependent