Career Services Resources

Make the most of your career at any stage.

Prepare Yourself:


Self-Guided Tools:

  • Career Management Toolkit:  an innovative 5-step toolkit to help you plan and manage your individual career development. 
  • Career Navigator: use this powerful tool to explore the job structure and career tracks at Cornell (note: available jobs are not listed in the Career Navigator) .
  • Interviewing Skills will help you prepare for the interview and answer questions with poise and confidence.


Collaborate With Your Supervisor:

  • Individual Talent Profile: A tool for staff members and supervisors to use to mutually create yearly plans, aligning the goals of the IDP with the goals of the department, unit, and university.
  • Performance Management Process (PMP): an ongoing, year-round university process that focuses on staff development, performance, and recognition.
  • Gig Opportunities: Rotational work assignments, short-term projects and more that can give you hands-on experience in another area of the university.
  • Talent Management Matrix: A tool to assess your readiness and potential for career development.


On-Campus Resources:

  • Individual Career Consultation: an overview of career coaching services and eligibility.
  • Cornell Careers provides information on positions that are currently available at Cornell.
  • Cornell University homepage can help you identify locations at Cornell where you might be interested in working, whether or not there are current openings. Schedule informational meetings to learn more about the department's work and culture.


Networking Resources:

  • Build Connections:  One of the best things you can do to learn more about career opportunities is to connect with others.
  • Professional organizations are a great way to connect with people in your chosen career for purposes of networking.